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The Informant™ is New Zealand’s most comprehensive source of racing news and form. Launched in August 2007, the publication aims to provide followers of the New Zealand racing industry with a weekly racing guide second to none. While the publication’s main focus lies with the New Zealand thoroughbred racing industry; harness and greyhound racing are both represented with in-depth form.

The Informant is presented to the reader in two sections, a 32 page tabloid newspaper featuring editorial and statistics, and a quarto-fold formguide containing up to 96 pages of form from across New Zealand and Australia.

The editorial featured in The Informant is New Zealand’s best source of race previews and racing news, while the in-depth breeding section gives breeders weekly news and analysis that is so rarely available in New Zealand at present. Additional features in the breeding section such as premiership tables, international stakes winners and weekend runners by sire, further enhance the publication’s positioning as New Zealand’s leading source of racing news and form. Both editorial sections of the publication strive to voice a truly independent opinion with an Australasian wide focus.

The Informant’s formguide gives readers a wealth of statistical information in an easy to read, attractive format. It offers comprehensive form for all Australasian thoroughbred racing and also New Zealand harness racing, Friday to Sunday.

In terms of content and graphic presentation, The Informant rivals any weekly racing form and news publication produced anywhere in the world. The newspaper is available for retail sale through over 800 outlets nationwide, or via home delivery ($5.00/wk + $2.80 overnight postage). Launched in October 2011, now brings racing news, previews and analysis to readers on a daily basis, while also now giving racing fans overseas the opportunity to read New Zealand’s only weekly racing newspaper.

The Informant offers readers terrific value and presents information essential to the future well being of the New Zealand racing industry. Support New Zealand racing - support The Informant!

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